Who we are

INTTIUM is an Internet Business Solution Company. We are a Project Management company that specializes in creating online business come to life.

Our team

We believe that our people are what gives us the advantage. Our capable team is driven to provide excellent service, and to deliver successful custom solutions to our clients.

Why work with us

When you come to INTTIUM with your idea of creating your online business we will build the plan and steps to take from an idea to a working online business.

Our Services

We provide a complete solution and management for your online business

Ongoing Projects



INTTIUM is based on several virtual distributed teams. This isn't just a trend; it makes good sense. Distributed teams can work on projects around the clock, and strong talent can be found in less competitive markets. At INTTIUM we take pride in having long time experience in managing and building strong virtual teams.


INTTIUM Global Team

Erez David NOY

Project Management
Team Leader

Israel, Japan



INTTIUM Global Team

Bennie Moran

CMS Expert
Joomla, WordPress




INTTIUM Global Team

Sean Thomas

Social Media
Twitter, Instagram
LinkedIn, Facebook



INTTIUM Global Team

Nicholas Mitchell




INTTIUM Global Team

Asami Amano

Japanese Translator




INTTIUM Global Team

Alexander Petrov

CMS Expert
Joomla, WordPress


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